Monday, July 23, 2007

Really? We're pregnant?

Well, after taking two pregnancy tests in one weekend and then going to Planned Parenthood a few days later for good measure it turns out that yes, we are in fact pregnant. Jim and I were stunned. We said we were going to start trying again but wow, we didn't expect it to happen that fast!! It was a great feeling to realize that the tests were actualy positive. (I had convinced myself that they were negative and there was only one line because the line on the right was so faint. But, after consulting a friend and Jim's reassurances that the big, bold, not to be missed line on the left was actually the one that indicated whether you were pregnant, I actually realized it might be true!) We found out while we were down the shore in Sea Isle, NJ with our friends. Here is a photo of the sunset from the deck the night we found out. What a wonderful moment!!