Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Pre-Natal Appointment

Today was our first prenatal appointment at the Brywn Mawr Birth Center. I find it amazing that when you find out your pregnant, the midwives don't really want to see you until your 10-12 weeks pregnant. I found out when I was five weeks pregnant and so the next five-six weeks felt like eternity to me. We have so many questions to ask and yet they make you wait. Of course, you can always call and a mid-wife will call you back to respond to your questions but it is just not the same as meeting "an expert" in person and getting to ask all your nervous, new parent questions. In the meantime, we bought What to Expect When Your Expecting, Pregnancy For Dummies, and I'm Pregnant. Also, my friend Amelia sent me The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy which was great.

Overall the appointment went well but we didn't get to hear the heartbeat and it was a little rushed. But, according to Julia things seeemed ok (she did a pelvic exam) and I just needed to come back in four weeks.