Thursday, October 25, 2007

18 week belly shot

Sorta needs no explanation...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Birth Center Orientation

Tonight we attended the Bryn Mawr Birth Center orientation session which is highly recommended for all new prenatal patients. Nobody told us about this when we signed up so we were the only couple in the very packed class who was already a patient there. It was a good overview session where we learned the history and ideology of the Birth Center. We also got to see a short show featuring a live childbirth at the Birth Center and ask all our questions. It was fun to be in a large group with lots of other expecting parents who were just as "deer in the headlights" as we feel sometimes. Add to that the fact that our friends Amelia and Dan, who are expecting their third child in January and are finally moving back to the Philly area, were also in attendance with us which was a great surprise!

The jacuzzi tub in each birth center bedroom.

One of the three birth center bedrooms where I might give birth!
At the end of the orientation, we got to tour the Birth Center Birthing Rooms and I got very chocked up while in one of the birth rooms as it hit me that in a relatively short period of time, I'd be in there giving birth to our new son or daughter soon. It was a very emotional and unforgettable moment.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Baby's First 60 Mile Walk

This past weekend, the baby and I completed the Susan G. Komen 3Day 60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk in Philadelphia. It was such an amazing experience, especially to be able to do it not just 14 weeks pregnant but with my mom, my best friend, and my fellow VC Diva. I was a little worried about the baby and how he or she would do but we both did great. In fact, there was a woman on the walk who was 8 months pregnant and her biggest complaint was shin splints so I felt much better!!

"Daddy", me and the baby at Closing Ceremonies!

Go Team Earth and State

Me and the baby, Rocky, Heather and Kim at Pit 4