Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 22 months, Sweet Girl

Yesterday was Sophie's 22 month birthday. In just two more months she will be 2 years old. TWO YEARS OLD!!! I can't believe it. I will spare you all from my usual sentimental nostalgic ("ah, I remember when she was only 13 months old...what a big girl she is now!") ramblings and just give you two recent videos to see the big girl in action.

Happy Birthday sweetest sugar!!! Daddy and I love you oh so very much...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No cause for alarm

Just wanted to let all you concerned family and friends know that we are doing ok, really. I didn't mean to scare anyone with that last post or make you think Jim and I were in a corner rocking ourselves back and forth because of any trauma caused by our little almost 2 year old. Just wanted to share the latest goings on 'round these parts. I hope I didn't seriously alarm anyone. And, a note to Grandmas, please don't run out and get more dresses. That is sooooo not why I posted that remark. She has plenty for now and actually let me put jeans on her again today (even though she did ask for a dress and stockings and shoes). I appreciate it but didn't mean for anyone to go shopping because of my comments. Sorry!

And, here are photos of Sophie reading her new book, Chicka Chicka ABCs tonight. Doesn't she look like such a big girlie?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life with a Peanut (con't)

Life with Sophie is never dull...

Oh what a week it's been. Jim says that because I posted that last post about how much fun life is with Sophie and how happy she's been that I set myself up for the week we had this week. Well, Tuesday was brutal. Just brutal. The kind of day they warn you about when you become pregnant and certain family and friends give you a look like "Heh heh, welcome to the club. Just you wait..." So anyway, I had a rough night on Sunday wherein I woke up around 4:30am and just could not go back to sleep. This tends to happen to me in the later part of my pregnancies apparently and I just sort of pop awake and can't get back to sleep so I get up and just do things. Well, this happened on Sunday so I was tired on Monday but still no real mishaps. But on Tuesday for some reason it hit me hard and I woke up more exhausted than ever. Apparently Sophie also woke up on the wrong side of the crib on Tuesday as well because the child was just a wrek all day. I don't know if she was starting to teeth again (she should be getting her two year molars soon so it could be that) or just tired or she's going through a developmental thing or what but man oh man... What a day. The girl had, I kid you not, 10 total tantrum meltowns. I can't even recall all the ten specific reasons at this point but they included not wanting to get her diaper changed, not wanting to get her stockings and shoes on (even though she asked for them), not wanting to leave the house, something to do with her stickers which I still have no idea what bothered her about that one, getting her toy stroller stuck, getting mad at mommy because I wouldn't keep running with her, getting mad at mommy because I wouldn't keep playing indoor hopscotch and any other number of toddler injustices that I can't recall now. It was nuts. She really hasn't been a very tantrumy kid to date. Maybe like one little one a day or so but wow. Ten in one day? Come on, kid. It really could be developmental because in the last few days she does seem like a bigger, more developed, little girl. She taught herself to climb up on the dining room chair by herself (on the fateful ten tantrum tuesday). Her coloring and writing has also changed significantly lately. I guess it's all the bath crayons she got for Christmas but she makes marks and honest to goodness they look like the letters she says. She draws something, says "J" and I look down and it really looks like a "J". Or, she'll say "little S" and honestly it looks like a little "s". Her speech has also gotten clearer and clearer in just the last few days even. She'll talk a blue streak and you understand every word she says. And, truly Jim and I think she's gotten taller in the last few days and longer hair so maybe this recent growth spurt has just caused some tantrumy little outbursts and developments. Let's go with that.

Then, yesterday she hit me. She was mad because I was trying to get her coat and shoes on so we could go run a few errands and I picked her up and was holding her so we could leave and she was having her little tantrum and she hit me in the face. That was a first. I kept my cool (I think) and then when I got her in the car we had a little "discussion" about "the incident." I told her it hurt mommy's feelings and made me sad but I understood that she was mad because she didn't want to stop playing. I asked her to apologize and she did. So hopefully that was a good way to handle it and hopefully it won't become a pattern. But of course I realize that hitting is a pretty common toddler behavior and we'll deal with it if it continues. This just in... Jim said that today Sophie hit him, too. Sophie got mad at Jim because he told her to stop being rough with Ollie. She apparently didn't like that and tried to hit Jim. So, I'm afraid we have a new little toddler behavior on our hands.

In other Sophie news, she continues to wake up and ask for "dress, stockings and shoes." I mean whose kid is this anyway? Willingly wanting to wear stockings every day????? We have been going through all the great dresses people have given her but I'm going to have to start buying more if this keeps up, I suppose. She has tended to sleep in a little more in the mornings these days (except today of course) somedays even sleeping later than when Jim needs to get up for work. We see this as a good sign that maybe her sleeping pattern is allowing her to sleep a little longer in the morning. She also has been playing much more with her stuffed animals and her dolls and castle and house. Her imagination is really active these days as she sits her stuffed animals at the table in chairs or gives them tea or tries to change their diaper. We were talking about maybe getting her a train table for her birthday in a few months but now that she has shown such an interest in her little people dolls we're wondering if a doll house isn't more the way to go.

And on the potty front, Sophie has started to tell me when she is "poopy" so that I will change her. It now clearly bothers her when she has a poopy diaper and wants it changed like immediately. This is only within the last week or two that she has really started to do this so I take this as a BIG sign that she is getting closer to potty training. She also did sit on her potty without any clothes on the other day. I was really impressed and proud of her as it was the first time she sat on it with no pants on. So, I continue to ask her if she wants to sit on the potty and usually she doesn't but I praise her and get very excited when she takes it upon herself to try it. I have really come to believe by these recent changes that she will do this in her own time (just as she has done everything else) and by modeling me and getting more self-aware of wanting a clean diaper, that we'll get there soon.

Well, sorry for the long post but I guess there really has been a lot of developments this week.

On the baby front, for those who don't know already we're pretty sure (well, we're actually totally sure) that the new baby will be named Emily. So, little Emily is doing well and kicking and otherwise just getting bigger and bigger. In the next four weeks or so she is supposed to gain tons of weight so big growth periods for both our little girls.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Life with a Peanut

Life with Sophie is just so fun...

The other day I was driving her back from visiting the new Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting, PA (which, by the way, is out of this world fabulous) and I guess she thought I was taking a corner too quickly or something because she started going "Whooaaa - careful. Careful." At first, I didn't know what she meant but she kept saying it and I realized she wanted me to be careful going around that corner. Funny or WHAT? Then, yesterday we had our friends and Sophie's PA godparents, The Federwitz's, over. They have 3 boys and they were roughhousing a little and wrestling and I had so much fun just watching Sophie who just watched them with glee and delight. But, if they would get a little too rough, she would say "Whoooaaa, careful." They barely noticed but she would just hang out near them and say it while they wrestled. I am really amused by this because it feels like classic DeeRee and now it's passed on to Sophie as well.

Then, today we were playing while Jim went up to take a nap (he had let me sleep in this morning so he got to try and take a little pm snooze). Sophie was coloring and making letters on her paper and then stood up and said "Jim??" and I said "Jim? You mean, Daddy? He's sleeping. Shhhhh." So she proceeds to go to the stairs and yell "Jim??????" Hysterical. I eventually got her to bring it down to a whisper and thankfully Jim didn't wake up from it but come on, kid. Jim????

Also today Sophie was in the kitchen playing with her kitchen magnets (or so we thought) and it got real real quiet. Jim got nervous and looked up and checked on her and there she was in the middle of the kitchen floor concentrating intently on dumping out all of the milk from her "leak-proof" sippy cup. She was just sitting on the floor pouring it all out onto her dress and the floor and really focusing on this project with great care. Silence is a dead give away for trouble, you know...

Next she wanted a lollipop (this is not unusual as she asks for cookies, lollipops or popsicles multiple times a day). She was just about to eat some lunch so I said if you eat your meatballs and spaghetti you can have a lollipop. And she went, "A lollipop???? Are you kidding me????" which is what we say to her whenever we do decide to give her a little treat. It was too cute. Her excitement was tangible. And
it truly is enlightening to hear what we obviously say to her a lot. That thought of that little Dum Dum lollipop made her so blissfully happy. She did eat her meatballs and spaghetti and then didn't mention the lollipop again so I thought we were in the clear but a few minutes after I got her down and wiped her off, she asked again so of course she got it and she was in pure heaven. It is a very good day here at the Oxenford Ranch. Despite a rainy gray day we are having fun playing and being with the light of our lives (who happens to be taking a late pm siesta at the moment) and just hanging out at home.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sophie news

I can't recall if I have posted this before but one of the things I simply adore about life with a toddler and specifically with Sophie is how you find weird things in weird places. For example, my keys in my boots. Greenbeans in teacups. Pom poms in door jams. Pom poms shoved into the Christmas tree. It's really one of the most endearing and amusing things in the world to me. I love the odd juxtaposition of these everyday items and knowing that these things never would have happened if we hadn't brought our beautiful daughter into the world. It sure makes life interesting and amuses me daily.

In other Sophie news, she is talking, talking, talking up a storm and is stringing sentences together like a pro. "Where'd Thomas go?" "New fan in there." etc etc. It's wonderful to hear her chatting away all day and constantly surprising me with what she is aware of in the world around her. I do have some favorite Sophie sayings of late to share:
Smiley Face (but it sounds like "Wiley Face") to wit: "Where'd da purple wiley face go?"
Kitchen (but it sounded like "Kissin")
Dress, Shoes, Party, Friends: this is her new refrain each morning as she has apparently decided that all the holiday dress up and partying was just WAAAY too much fun to stop just because the holidays are over and little girl wants to wear her party dresses every day now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's a(nother) girl!!!!!!!!

Today was our 20 week ultrasound and well, Sophie is going to have a little sister!!! The baby is totally healthy (ten fingers and ten toes, all vital organs and facial structures look good and as they should, strong heartbeat) and right on track weighing in at 12 ounces today. The ultrasound tech took her grand old time taking shots of every bone and every possible organ and feature. Then she finally said, "Are you finding out the sex?" and asked us what we had at home. When we told her we had a little girl she smiled and said, "Well, you have another one." I wasn't at all surprised this time round and had been fully expecting a girl. It is WILD to think we'll have two little girls running around the house. If this next baby girl is even half as precocious, half as opinionated, half as smart and passionate as our Sophie, we're in for quite a ride! Jim and I couldn't be happier. She is healthy and perfect and we're just in heaven thinking about her now. Here is one pix for those that haven't seen it on facebook already. More to come as soon as they're scanned in.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tea Party

Here is Sophie having a ball with her new teaset she got for Christmas from her Aunt Michelle and Uncle Paul (thanks Aunt Michelle and Uncle Paul!!)She is one chatty little tea pourer, isn't she?

In other news, Sophie and I are starting to feel better. Still have the remnants of a cold but not nearly as bad as it was mid-week. Jim has been taking good care of us girls setting up vaporizers in both of our rooms each night. We are de-Christmasing the house this weekend (even more depressing when you have a child we are finding out) and most importantly we survived the first week back to work after a truly wonderful week of holiday family time. Hope you all survived it, too!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Halfway Point

Yesterday I had my third prenatal visit and the midwife promptly informed me that I was officially halfway there and should have a "hump week" celebration for hitting the 20 week mark. The fact that this pregnancy is half over is mind-boggling to me because it has gone so very fast and is sooooo different from when I was pregnant with Sophie. With Sophia, I knew how far along I was to the day ("Oh yes, I'm 19 weeks and 3 days today!") whereas when people ask me now I say "Um, I think I'm like 19 or 20 weeks or so." Pathetic. With Sophia I kept a pregnancy journal and tracked every pound gained, every 1/2 inch of belly growth. We took belly shot photos every week (we just took our first belly shot photos last week!) and just thought about her non-stop. With this pregnancy, I'm just too busy running after Sophie all day to really focus on the new little one about to make his or her debut in a mere 20 weeks or less. However, all that is probably about to change when we get the 20 week ultrasound next week. Then we will likely know whether or not to call the baby ___ if it's a girl or ____ if it's a boy. That will of course be pretty huge in the whole bonding process. I know after we found out it was a girl and started calling her "she" and by her name last time it really helped with our feelings of connecting with this little being floating around in there and soon to make his or her big debut!

In other news, Sophie now sings the whole theme song to her favorite show "Blues Clues." It is seriously cute. She has also started singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider which is really fun, too. And finally I have to tell this funny story... On Sunday night we went out to dinner to celebrate a great vacation week using one of our gift cards from Christmas (thanks Uncle Bump!). While there Sophie starts going "Steve? Steve!" which was a little odd until I realized that she thought this poor bus boy kid was Steve, the main character in Blues Clues. You would have thought she'd seen a rock star - made her whole night.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

The cutest New Years girlie ever!