Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our little patient

Sophie at the doctors this morning

Sick but happy yesterday morning enjoying some fnger painting

Sick but still wanted to wear her "dress, shoes, stockings"

Well, we were having a pretty wonderful week - princess tea on Monday, library on Tuesday, playgroup on Wednesday, drumming class on Thurs... and then Thurs. afternoon I saw it. The shiny rim of a runny nostril. I was sort of hoping and praying that it was nothing. Just the wintery walk we took in the snow flurries making her nose run. But then thurs. night more wet nose and no fight at all going to bed. Lately, that is definitely NOT a good sign. In the middle of the night Thurs. she woke up vomiting in her crib. We cleaned her up, gave her some tylenol for a slight fever and she went back to bed fairly easily. But Friday morning upon waking she definitely had a cold. The real deal - runny nose, cough, fever. We called the pediatrician's office and they said it sounded like the stomach bug that was going around and unfortunately we just had to wait it out. She seemed pretty peppy all things consiered for most of the morning but after waking from her pm nap yesterday she was definitely going downhill. Fever was higher, she didn't want to do much and was obviously VERY uncomfortable. Last night was pretty awful. She went right into her bed - no books, no drama, no stall tactics. And woke up every hour, all night long. She was soooo uncomfortable. So miserable. Feverish, congested, coughing. We tried the vaporizer, we tried no vaporizer. We put pillows on each side of her crib so that her nose might better drain. She had probably the worst night of sleep of her life and woke up just crying and miserable all night long. So, today we went to the doctors to make sure we didn't have something else going on (ear infection, etc). Sophie was a real champ at the doctors and even got to wear a special gown to keep her warm while she waited for the doctor. She checked out fine and so we're just dealing with a bad cold thankfully. Hopefully she will get a better night's sleep tonight.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Princess Tea

Yesterday was the much anticipated "Princess & Knights" tea at the Haverford Township Free Library. It was sooooo much fun. Sophie got all dressed up in her princess outfit and joined the throngs of other princesses and knights for an afternoon of books, songs, Princess & Knight bingo, and tea and cookies. Um, do you think she had a good time???

In other news, knock wood but the sleep terrors have subsided for now. This is a big relief for us all. Here's hoping the good sleeping keeps up!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sleep Terrors

It's been an interesting week here at the Oxenford Ranch...On Thursday night, Sophie had what we think was her first "sleep terror." If you're not familiar with sleep terrors, they are pretty common in kids and differ from nightmares in that you can't wake the person experiencing them. On Thursday Sophie did not have a nap so needless to say she was very very tired by the time we got her to sleep (probably around 8:30 or so). An hour after she fell asleep she woke up crying but a very weird cry like we had never heard from her before. She was thrashing about back and forth in her crib and her eyes were closed. She had flushed cheeks and was obviously very upset but inconsolable. We didn't know what we were dealing with so we picked her up and tried to comfort her. When she wasn't consolable, we took her temperature (normal) and checked her diaper (no issues there either) and even gave her some tylenol but she continued to make this weird cry and kind of say "no, no, no, no" and was very restless and distubured. Finally, we put her down on our bed and after some thrashing about she settled herself and went back to sleep. It was so bizarre. We didn't know what to do so we let her sleep and settle herself and then moved her back into her crib. It was very upsetting and we felt so helpless since nothing we did would console her. We were somewhat familiar with night terrors because our godson, Isaac, had them (very extreme, waking up screaming and inconsolable) but he was much older. We were not sure if night terrors could happen with kids her age but indeed after some research we found out that they sure do happen, usually in kids between 1-8 years old.

We had been hoping that she wouldn't have another and maybe it was an isolated event but then she had another one Friday night, too. Just like the previous night she woke up almost exactly an hour after falling asleep, screaming and thrashing about. This time we went up and tried to comfort her in her room and keep her in her crib and after about ten minutes or so she settled herself and fell back asleep. Poor kid. We really wanted to try and help her not have these because both times she woke up the next day with puffy eyes and obviously very tired and not rested. Thankfully, yesterday she had a nice long nap in her crib (not in the car) and we even adjusted her bedtime routine a bit and she slept like a rock and did not wake up with any night terrors so we are much relieved today. Not sure they won't happen again at this point but at least she got a little break from them and we might have a sense of how to prevent them (keep her from getting overtired).

Bedtime routines overall have been pretty wonky lately. She has been taking sometimes up to an hour to get to sleep at night and talks and reads and plays with her belly button and obviously is restless and not ready for sleeping as she had been. We have been attributing a lot of this to her massive developmental changes - she wants to do EVERYTHING herself now and is really asserting her toddler independence any way possible. So we'll see... Things are obviously in a state of flux when it comes to sleep but we are all adjusting and will hope we get into a new sleep groove soon. Probably just in time for Emily's arrival and the total disruption that her presence will bring into our family but we'll figure that out, too I'm sure.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Family Valentine's Date

If you would have told me that we'd end up at an Irish Tavern in Atlantic City on Valentine's Day I would never have believed it. But that is in fact where we ended up and here's how it happened...

We woke up Sunday morning and Jim and I started talking about breakfast (of course). I thought we'd have some pancakes which I'd make (although Jim is usually the pancake maker) but Jim started talking about going out to breakfast. We couldn't decide so we posed the question to Sophie "Where do YOU want to eat pancakes, honey? At HOME? Or OUT?" She got this excited look on her face and said "Pancakes????? Uncle Bill's???" Well Jim and I about fell off our chairs because Uncle Bill's Pancake House happens to be our favorite pancake spot in the world. It's a Jersey shore restaurant chain that quite simply has the best pancakes in the world. We ate there a lot when we were down the shore this past summer and Sophie always enjoyed her "cakes" whenever we went there. But, she had never said "Uncle Bill's" before. NEVER! So for her to pull that out of nowhere and be so excited about it just melted Jim and I so we knew we had to go!

So, off we drive the hour and a half to the Jersey shore for Uncle Bill's pancakes. We get there and the place is PACKED! We sit down to eat our cakes, put our order in and Sophie's shortstack comes out. We're so excited and cut the pancakes for her and put them in front of her and wait with excitement for her joyous reaction. But alas, like the zen master toddler she is as she continues to teach us life lessons in zen patience and the suffering that ensues from having expectations, she does not touch them. I mean will not put a single "cake" to her mouth. It was hysterical. Here we drive all that way to fulfill the Valentine's Day wish of our toddler (ok, Jim and I were fairly overjoyed at the treat of Uncle Bill's pancakes in February too) and she won't even touch them. Oh good times. All she would put in her mouth at the restaurant was apple juice. That's it. Oh well!

Then we went up to the boardwalk which was completely covered in snow. It was a sight I had never seen and quite bizarre to be walking the boards in our snow boots.

Since it was still pretty early and not much was open on the boardwalk we were trying to come up with other things to do so as to not put her back in the car too early. And spur of the moment we decided to extend the day and head down the coast to Atlantic City and grab some dinner there and then head home. So that's what we did! Sophie LOVED walking through the casinos (too cold to walk on the boardwalk!) and seeing all the "lights" from the glow of the slot machines and other bizarre Atlantic City decor. We took her to the "It's Sugar" candy store in Ceasar's Pier which about blew her mind (all that CANDY!) and then we were going to take her to Rainforest Cafe for our family Valentine's Date dinner but Jim went over to make sure there wasn't too much of a wait and lo and behold - apparently Atlantic City is THE hotspot for family dates on Valentine's (who knew??!!!) - and there was in fact a TWO HOUR wait for dinner. So, with that plan shot to all heck we wandered around trying to figure out where to grab our Valentine's dinner and ended up having a very fine meal in an Irish tavern. What a bizarre but wonderful Valentine's Day 2010 for the Oxenford Family!

Finally look at these ADORABLE Elmo pants Grandma Kathy made for Sophie!! Aren't they the cutest? Thank you for the adorable Valentine's Day outfit (and other treats and goodies, Grandma!!).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

Dear Family & Friends,

For those of you far far away, please understand that we had a massive ridiculous blizzard this week. Alas, nobody left their houses for two days and so therefore your valentines did not get to the post office until yesterday. I am guessing that very few of you will get them in time but please know we are thinking of you all - our dear family and friends we love so very much - this Valentine's Day and always...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Singing Sensation

I promised video proof of our little singing sensation so here ya go... Enjoy!!
Sophie's rendition of "Row Row Row Your Boat" for your listening pleasure!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How we spent Snowpacolypse 2010

We've been holed up inside for the last two days waiting out Snowpacolypse 2010. It's been nice to have Jim home these two days but unfortunate that he had to work and shovel so much. Still it's nice to see glimpses of "Daddy" throughout the day!

Yesterday we kept Sophie busy with the following: fingerpainting, playdough, a sing-a-long, a jam band session, a dance party, coloring, book reading, teaparty, and much more. Today, we basically did more of the same but we also made Valentine's cupcakes and we did get outside to trek through the snow to take a few cupcakes to our neighbors as well. Tomorrow is the big day out. We will brave the shoulder high snow piles at the end of the driveway (I am not even kidding) and glide on through the beautifully shoveled driveway to make our journey to the outside.

Sophie has been in FANTASTIC spirits (of course, as I write this her head is probably upstairs spinning as we speak) and that has been such a blessing and joy to have such a happy little snow bunny to share Snowpacolypse 2010 with (thanks to Heather Weisse Walsh for the fun and oh so appropriate phrase). We have come to the realization that Sophie just wants to do everything herself. And if we basically let her, everyone is happy. How's that for being well trained by your toddler???!!!

As for Emily, well she is becoming more and more active every day (doing that whole thing where it feels like someone is churning butter on your insides) and kicking me in two places at once now. I find myself more and more ravenous (anyone who knows me finds this not hard to believe I'm sure) but the more I eat the more uncomfortable I get so it's a vicious horrible cycle already and I have three more months to go of this - oy! I don't recall feeling this uncomfortable at 25 weeks last time but I probably blocked it. How can it really continue like this for 14 more weeks????

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Happy Little Peanut

Just a few happy peanut photos for ya... Enjoy!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowy weekend

We all survived the big snow today. Last we checked there was 24 inches in Drexel Hill. I couldn't even take Sophie out in it because she'd get buried in all that snow. Once some plowing and shoveling takes place (should be happening soon now since the snow seems to have stopped finally) maybe we will don our snow pants and head out for a few minutes. Really, it's just not as gratifying to come in to a warm fire and get hot cocoa and treats unless you've braved the elements in some way or fashion even if it is only for 5 minutes, right? [Update: we braved the elements and walked up and down the street looking at the snowy trees and talking to neighbors and friendly dogs. Then we came in for our well-deserved cookies and cocoa in front of the fire!]

In Sophie news, I've been meaning to post some recent "Sophie-isms" that make me smile. Here goes:
computer: except she says "peter"
GGMom: except in Sophie's translation it sounds like she's calling her "Jimminy"
remote: "mehmehmote"
stinky skunks: I honestly can't even type this without dying a little but when she says this phrase it sounds like she's got a really foul mouth and comes out "stinky c-words". I'm sorry I just can't type it.

And, she has been really great about counting lately except when Sophie counts it's not the usual "1-2-3-4-..." When Sophie counts it is "1-2-6-9..." Every. Single. Time.

Finally I am thrilled to report that there is tons of singing in the house these days. She loves to sing by herself and sing songs together. This was a huge turning point compared to the relatively recent days of "No... No singing." even just a month or two ago. Now we are often heard singing Row Row Row Your Boat or If You're Happy and You Know It or ABCs or I Wish I Were a Little Bar of Soap. When we catch her singing to herself it is just the cutest thing. I have videos that will be posted soon to prove it.

On the Emily front, I had a prenatal appointment at the Birth Center this week. Everything is on track. She is growing like a champ. Her heartbeat was strong (152) and easy to find. Sophie even got to wear the stethoscope and listen to her own heartbeat and mommy's heartbeat and then got to listen to Emmy's heartbeat and her own with the doppler thingie. Sophie was very curious about all the heartbeat action and it was a good appointment overall. I have one more appointment in a month and then I switch to appointments every other week. Can I really be that far along??? WOW. I guess it is 6 months now, huh? Emily is apparently as big as an eggplant now (about 9 inches and 1.7 lbs.) She also passed the 24 week viability milestone which means that if she were born now she would have a 50% chance of surviving. The weeks are certainly ticking by... Next thing you know... Well, I can't go there just yet but it's sure going fast. Jim and I are contemplating the new nursery and trying to come up with a "theme". Mostly, what we've learned is that we just don't need that much at all really. Still, it's fun to think about and plan Emily's room (actually doing anything is another story.)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daddy's Birthday

It was such a busy week getting ready for Jim's big surprise birthday party which was Saturday night out in Pottstown. On his actual birthday (Friday), Sophie and I made him a cake (Sophie helped!) and we had a nice, though overcooked, steak dinner.

Then Saturday was the big day where lots of us family threw Jim/James/Daddy a big surprise 40th birthday party. He was, for the most part, pretty darn surprised up until the very end. AND we did really spring one on him by having all of his old bandmates (Jim was in a few bands but most notably one called Leather Rose that did well for itself and had some serious local renown) that he hasn't seen in decades show up. It was a good time for all until we got kicked out of the and several of the Oxenfords got banned from the Philadelphia Phillies firehall but that's another story for another time and certainly NOT for Sophie's blog. Sophie was a true party girl and after warming up a bit by being allowed to spoon icing directly off her Daddy's cake by her DeeRee, had a blast chasing balloons and running around with the big kids.

Happy 40th Birthday to the sweetest, kindest, funniest, most handsome husband best friend and father to our children a girl could ever ask for!!! I love you so much!!! xoxoxo