Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I don't know why it's been so hard to blog this week but it has. For those of you who get grumpy when there aren't new photos at least every other day, sorry!!

We went to the CHOP Sleep Center yesterday finally. Surprise surprise there is no magic forumla or pill to help to get her to sleep on her own. Oh well. After a very long interview, a short physical exam and Sophie - get this - FALLING ASLEEP in my arms in the sleep center (something she never, ever does by the way), we got some advise to try for four nights and a "hotline" number to call to report progress. Not sure how it's all going to work out but it was good to hear we are not the only parents with these issues and at least now we have our own Sophie sleep hotline - that's pretty exciting, huh?

Yesterday was Jim's birthday. We celebrated quietly but happily here at home after we got home from the Sleep Center by trying to teach Sophie how to blow out her daddy's birthday candle. She's gotta practice for the big 1 year birthday coming up, you know... She liked the candle being lit (many many times actually) and was somewhat amused by the singing and blowing out part but we couldn't quite get her to do it. We'll keep working on it. Maybe she'll be a pro by March 26th.

Tomorrow we are hoping to have a visit from Grammy (is that Grammy with a "y" or an "Ie" anyway, Grammy?), Grandpop and Grandma. Hope they have safe driving and are all feeling better!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 10 month birthday and welcome new cousin

Today is Sophie's 10 month birthday. I'm not even going to bother mentioning my usual comments about how fast it's going, how big she's getting, how amazed at her we are each and every moment of every single day. Instead, I thought I'd list the things that Sophie does that she could not (or simply did not) do when she was 9 months old:

1. Clap
2. Lift her arms up when you say "Arms up"
3. Identify eyes
4. Forward crawl
5. Walk (she hasn't walked on her own again since those few steps a week or two ago but we constantly do "laps" around the house with me holding her under her arms and her walking.

There's probably more that I'm forgetting but it's a pretty impressive list when you think of it.

And, here is some exciting news!! My little brother, Richard (aka Bubba to some) is going to be a dad!! We found out at Christmas that his girlfriend Theresa is pregnant. Here is a photo of the baby from an ultrasound taken last week. Congrats Bubba and Theresa! We can't wait to meet Sophie's new little cousin!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Afternoon at the park

It was such a warm and lovely day yesterday Sophie and I joined our good friends the Powells and the Bannisters for some outdoor fun at the park yesterday. It was the first time in weeks we had been outside for any real length of time and felt great to just be out in the fresh air and sun. Sophie seemed to enjoy swinging (for a little while at least) and sticking her hands in the sand (well, initially at least). She loved strolling along and looking at trees and flags and birds, too. Hopefully, the fresh air did us all some good!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feeling Much Better, Thanks!

Happy girl, happy daddy

Does this terrify you as much as it terrifies me?

Cookie face

Sophie is obviously feeling soooo much better. Honestly, weird as it sounds, she almost feels unfamiliar to me in a way because she has been sick for what seems like so long now (I guess two plus weeks IS sort of an eternity in the winter doldrums of early January). She hardly sneezes anymore, definitely has her full vocal range back, has her voracious appetite back and is generally happy and playful and oh yeah, not going to bed easy again. Oh well... better to have a healthy Sophie complete with her sleep challenges than a sick Sophie who is easy to put down for bed, right? (Right???)

We are getting excited about the upcoming visit from Grandma Kathy, Grandpop Dave, and Great Grandmom next week! It will be lots of fun to have them here and I just hope that Sophie stays healthy and well for their visit this time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Crawling out of my socks

I am really loathe to post this video because Sophie looks so disheveled with her one sock on, one sock off look BUT for those who haven't seen the crawl yet, here you go.

Sophie's cold is so close to being gone but not quite. I'd say she's at about 85% right now but she is much more herself and getting the ahem, full vocal range back for sure. No more walking on her own since the other day but she sure is walking a lot with help from mommy or daddy.

We have a pretty quiet week planned. Just continuing to get better. Welcome in our new president tomorrow (thought this day would never come) and staying warm inside.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So, Tuesday night Sophie woke up crying and there was no sound coming out of her poor little mouth except for this silent scratchy little plea for help. Then, the seal barking started. Poor kid. We whisked her into a steamy bathroom after talking to an on-call pediatrician who essentially said, yeah, give her a steam or take her out in the "moist cool night air" (ha). Poor kid had quite a cough. But yesterday we took it very easy and rested and I tried really hard to keep her from a) getting ticked off and crying and b) falling on her face while trying to stand up and crying. Mostly it worked. She seemed much better last night and went to bed a little early and seemed to be sleeping good. Until about 3am. Then she woke up and sounded awful again. Bad coughs, still snotty. So it was more steam baths and books and back to bed shortly after 5am. Today she seems ok. Not great, not awful. So far she doesn't seem to have a fever. She doesn't seem to have the barking seal cough. She is still hoarse, definitely still snotty, not quite her fully active self. We are trying to take it easy again, drink lots of fluids, get as much rest as possible and again trying to not get her upset and crying which would agitate that poor little throat of hers. I know kids are resilient, but after a week of already being sick, I was really hoping she was on the road to recovery - not to croup. Hopefully, with some additional TLC we'll knock this thing out soon, though.

Today Sophie took her first steps. What amazing resilience for this poor kid to be sick for two weeks but still she is learning and growing and took her first steps on her own today. Also today she had a fall and bonked her head. I felt so bad because I had been so careful all day with her, being with her constantly so she would not fall and cry and get upset because I didn't want her to scream or cry and hurt her throat more or start a coughing fit. But, then after she took her steps I got so excited I had the camera out and ready and was videotaping her while she was standing up and holding on to the wall. Poor little monkey. Banged her head right into it. Has a bruise and everything. Yep, she cried (though it was mostly a soundless cry cuz her little vocal cords are shot). Yep, I got much of it on video. But, I can't bring myself to watch it yet.

Being home with Sophie brings such highs and lows everyday. I try to do my best and do what's right for her. Sometimes I'm better at it than others. I'm learning. She is patient with me and quickly forgives me for the most part.

These photos were taken earlier in the week when she was still feeling pretty good. She is wearing the Frida Kahlo t-shirt and satin jacket we got her in NYC last January on our "babymoon". It's amazing that it was one year ago that we were buying this outfit for her wondering what she would look like, what her little laugh would be like, when she would take her first steps. And, here we are. Less than 12 months later and she is wearing the outfit. She is laughing (and crying) up a storm. She took her first steps today. She has hair. She gets bed head. She has moods. She is brilliant. Less than 12 months ago and she wasn't even here yet. Truly remarkable and awe inspiring every day and every moment I am with her.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dugga Dugga

If you haven't seen the "dugga dugga" in person yet, here you go!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm still standin'

How long till I feel better, Mommy?

gratuitous belly shot

Look at me! Eating a cookie while standing up on my own.

I can stand up by leaning on this.

... and this...

All this standing makes me hungry!

Well, it's been quite a sickly couple of days round here. Sophie continued to be sick through the weekend and needed lots of extra TLC and sleep and was just still so snotty and miserable. (Jim is also now sick and I have a "tickle" in my throat but I'm hoping that is as bad as it gets for me. Somebody has to stay healthy, right?) But all this sick hasn't stopped Sophie from practicing her "standing up". She stands up by holding on to a toy or box or basket or mommy or daddy or whoever happens to be close by. She then will let go and stand up by herself unsupported for a while. It's nutty how fast this is all going. I wonder if she might start taking her first steps soon she is so determined to figure this thing out. A day or two ago, she stood up unsupported and did a double handed wave. Today, she stood up unsupported and ate a cookie. The learning is fast and furious despite the extra sneezing and snottiness.

In other news, she had her (belated) 9 month check-up last Thurs. She weighed 18 lbs. 10 oz and was 27 inches long. She checked out great (right on track) and got a polio shot and a finger prick test for anemia/lead, both of which of course, she hated and freaked out but she also freaked out when the doctor simply examined her so it's now bad associations all around at the doctors. We had to cancel her appointment at the CHOP sleep clinic because of her cold but we're rescheduled to take her there later this month. Though her sleeping patterns have been pretty messed up these last few days (yesterday she took four naps with her last nap starting at 4:15 and ending close to 6pm!) because of her cold, she seems to be doing better with taking her naps and going to bed at night overall. I have high hopes to start fresh this week and see how she does.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1st cold of the New Year

Well, I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later (I was just hoping for later is all) but Sophie got a cold and is sneezing and just totally leaking out the nose. So far, there seems to be no fever and she is mostly acting like herself (still trying to stand up any chance she gets) except for maybe a little extra fussy about certain things (like diaper changes and getting dressed). Hopefully, it stays this way and doesn't get worse on her. Even despite not feeling herself, she continues to try and stand every chance she gets. Today she stood up by herself without any support and waved each hand. I could have sworn she was going to start walking, too! She also rocked out to some Wilco despite feeling lousy so I was pretty happy about that.

When Sophie has a cold, I allow the tissue game to happen. This game is where she pulls out every single last tissue out of the tissue box. She enjoys it immensely. It seems to help her feel a little better temporarily at least.

Unfortunately, we were supposed to go to the CHOP Sleep Clinic today but since Sophie was sick we had to reschedule.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not a big fan of pasta yet

We continue to experiment with different foods for Sophie. Last week we tried some pasta for her. You can see she was not a big fan. (Don't worry Grandmas we had already tried small bites for her to taste. The long strands on her tray was for her to feel and play with.) However, she is loving the Yo Baby yogurt with cereal and fruit in it. We had tried the Yo Baby yogurts before and she wasn't as fond of them without the cereal in them. She is also eating Stage 3 foods with meats and chunkier bits in them (we have been trying different flavors of Earth's Best. So far, the Tender Chicken and Starts was much enjoyed but veggie beef pilaf not so much).

Sophie's ability to communicate with us continues to develop in exciting ways. As I think I've mentioned, she is constantly pointing at things now wanting to know what they are or reinforcing what she knows. Beloved items to point at are the christmas tree, ceiling fan, lights, Mr. Chen & Ollie and us. She also waves like a champ at the cats, at us, at her teddy bears, at anything and everything. She waves on demand when we say bye-bye too. She has also learned the baby sign for "all done" so when she doesn't feel like eating anymore she makes that sign and we know she's had it. It's a really fun and exciting time with our little princess these days!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

We had a quiet but perfect New Year's here at the homestead last night. Sophie had her usual bedtime routine (and even went down to sleep a little on the early side because she woke up at 3:00am that morning and was up until about 4:30am). Jim and I played some Mario Kart and TiVo'ed CNN's Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin live from Times Square broadcast. Then, Jim and I had a nice dinner (take out from Pica's) with Dee Ree and Pop Pop here at our house after Sophie went to bed. We watched some home videos of Sophie after dinner, played a little more Mario Kart and then Sophie woke up around 11:45. I was probably asleep by the time the ball dropped. But it was perfect. Sophie just has this way of making every holiday perfect no matter where we are or what we are doing!

Our best wishes to everyone for 2009! May it bring much happiness and health to all.