Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Parade

Ok, so we are back from the Halloween Parade at Penn Children's Center. Poor Sophie did not really have the best of mornings today so there is not a single happy photo of her. Still, it was incredibly cute and Our Little Lamby kept it together long enough....

Since this morning's photos weren't the happiest here are the lamby photos from her professional photo shoot a few weekends ago. Yes, this is totally illegal and I'll probably go to jail or something but oh well - enjoy!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Almost Halloween

Sophia now does this little thing where we put a nice soft pillow down in front of her and she will lean her body into it, put her face on it and then sit back up and look at us and smile. Of course, Daddy and I think it's the cutest damn thing in the whole world and we clap and yell praises and say "Awww pillow" and she smiles and giggles and then does it again. Immediately and over and over. No joke - cutest thing I ever saw.

Tomorrow, we are taking Sophie to daycare in the morning for the Halloween Parade. Even though today was her last day of daycare, we are going to the parade and looking forward to seeing Sophia with all her "classmates" in their little costumes. Hooray!
Lots of stinking cute photos to follow after that!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Linvilla Orchards Fall Outing

On Sunday Sophia had her first trip to Linvilla Orchards. Dee Ree went with us and we all went on a hayride, looked at the animals in the petting zoo and picked out our pumpkins and pies! It was great fun though Sophie has this face that is so thoughtful, so dubious that it just cracks us up. It's the same face she had when we took her to the beach for the first time. And, it's the same face she had for much of the afternoon at Linvilla Orchards. It sort of says, "are you kidding me???" Or, maybe it could even be translated as "so that's a goat, huh?"

Monday, October 27, 2008


Ok folks - behold the jumping wonder!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Sophia!!

Happy 7 Month Birthday to you, Sophia!! Our perfect little angel... We adore you and can't imagine life without you!!! You have made our already rich lives so very much richer and so very much happier by being our beautiful baby girl!

Sophia had a good week this week. She seems to be very happy and just loves playtime - whether it's here at home or at daycare. She can sit by herself (surrounded by pillows and on a soft mat) and just play and play. She hasn't started crawling yet but she sort of does a sitting lunge sometimes and she also will rock or bounce while sitting so we think it's not too far off for the next step of moving around on her belly. Or, she might just skip crawling altogether and go straight for pulling herself up and walking. Who knows... Either way, I'm sure she'll keep us on our toes.

The really big news around these parts is that Mommy has made a very big change at work and next week is her last week as a full-time employee. She is going to become a stay at home mom as of Nov. 1st to be home with Sophie all day long. This is very exciting for all of us and we can't wait to have that luxury to go out or go play when we're home together now (rather than doing conference calls and videoconferences all day). We are very lucky to have this option and hope we can make it all work out! Thankfully, Mommy will still be doing part-time consulting work but only a small number of required hours per week and they can be done whenever so we won't be tied to the computer all day. Hooray!!

The other (in some ways equally) big news is that we finally got a Johnny Jumper for Sophia and she absolutely loves it. Pop Pop Stumpo has been saying we should get a Johnny Jumper for a long time now and boy was he right! We've never seen anything cuter than Sophie hanging out and jumping like crazy in it. You must see it in person to truly appreciate the cuteness...

And, finally we got Sophia some new toys yesterday at Toys R Us. Guess what her favorite new toy is??? A $4.99 set of stacking cups. She loves them! It just goes to show you, expensive toys don't necessarily make for favorite toys.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Silly Daddy

A few weekends ago, Daddy decided to put a bowl on Sophie's head. Silly Daddy! Sophie didn't mind at all. Her brain didn't know to think that it was so ridiculous to have a bowl on her head she must have thought, oh this is normal - cool! She looked so cute - sort of like a little colorful soldier baby.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Weekend

Wow! What a fun and busy weekend Sophia had!

First, on Saturday Sophie and Mommy went to the Lansdowne Farmers Market. We got some apples so Mommy can make more homemade baby food and some lunch (mmm, chili) to take for our outing to the Please Touch Museum with the Powells. Dee Ree and Pop Pop gave us a family membership to the Please Touch Museum so we were excited when the Powells asked us to join them for the grand re-opening of the new home of the Please Touch Museum in the beautiful Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park. Jim stayed home to clean the basement (bless his heart) but Sophie and I headed out and I wasn't sure if she was too little for most of the stuff there but she had a blast. Her favorite things were playing with blocks in the hands on craft area and also sitting in a hollowed out tree stump playing with squirrel stuffed animals and plastic logs. Then, Saturday night Dee Ree came over to babysit so Jim and I could go out for a belated 3 year anniversary dinner. First night out alone for us in many many months now. Thanks Dee Ree!!

Then on Sunday, after Sophie's morning nap, we went out to cheer on the Philadelphia 3Day Breast Cancer Walk walkers. Last year at this time, Sophie and Mommy did the walk together with Dee Ree, Godmother Heather, and Aunt Kim. Unfortunately, we did not get to cheer on Team Earth and State directly but we still got to cheer on other walkers and Sophie got to finally meet her Aunt Kim for the first time! After that, we went to meet up with the Powells, Bannisters, and Leibowitz gang to hang out in Narberth at the Fall Music Festival.

A fun-filled weekend with beautiful weather all around!!