Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baby Cheeses, Crayon Control and more...

Wow. I wish it wasn't so long between entries on this blog anymore. I always feel like I have *so* much to catch you guys up on that I get over whelemed about posting. But, let's take a stab at a quick update.

Lets see. I am watching Emily color with crayons as I type this post. She LOVES crayons and coloring but of course, needs to be closely supervised. While she is starting to not put them in her mouth, she is in that stage where she will sneak away with a crayon and the next thing I know there is organe crayon all over my green couch, or the floor, or the table. So crayones are a closely supervised substance in our house still. But despite that it is so fun to watch Emily make her own original art. Here are a few pix of her masterpieces.

Emily also is obsessed with stickers. She LOVES them!! The other day we went to go visit Nanny in her awesome new apartment and Emily basically just sat by herself with her stickers and placed them all over her feet and her hands and in her hair and had the best time doing it. She will sit in a corner in the lbrary and pull out some stickers and just play with them for a while. No paper necessary - she loves covering her body with them. It's really cute. As is the way she says stickers which is "steeeckers"

Speaking of talking, Emily's vocabulary these days is astonishing. Every day she surprises us by using new words and even phrases. Yesterday, she was standing at the bottom of the stairs and yelling "mommy, wake up" which cracked me up. She finally says Sophie but calls her "Sobie" so she'll say "There's Sobie" or something like that. I didn't think it would be possible but Jim and I are pretty sure Emily is talking even more than Sophie was at this age. She is quite a little chatty girl most of the time. (Wonder where she gets that from, huh?)

Sophie is doing great and also surprises us at what a big girl she is becoming. She gets herself dressed and undressed and is being really kind to her sister (most of the time). You can tell that she is starting to round that corner from 3 and is getting a heck of a lot closer to 4 in so many ways.

Of course, Sophie is SOOO excited for Christmas. Last week she had her school performance which was so stinking cute we almost couldn't take the cuteness. She had been preparing for this for some time now in school and recently would start breaking out in "Go Tell It On a Mountain" getting particularly loud at the "That Jesus Christ is born" part. She is pretty obsessed with the "Baby Jesus" these days. I guess learning about him and talking about him so much in school has her really excited about his birthday coming up. Whenever we pass a nativity scene on someones lawn around town she gets very animated and screams "look mommy - baby Jesus!". The only thing is I'm still pretty sure she is actually saying "Baby Cheeses" and not Jesus.

So, as I was typing this Emily was over watching the Wiggles but here she had taken a crayon and was standing there eating it while watching the show so see, what I mean? We're still not quite in the clear with the whole coloring thing.

Anyway, we're getting very excited for our visit out to Arizona later this month. We cannot wait to spend some quality time with Grammy, Great Aunt Joyce and Great Uncle Jeff, and their family and also Grandma and Grandpa who will be there too!

In case I don't post again until the new year, Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy 2012 to all our wonderful family and friends! We love you all so much!!