Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wait for it...

Ok this is definitely the longest I've gone without updating this blog since I started it in what? 2007? When I was pregnant with Sophie. Wow. Long time... Going on almost 2 months with no updates, no photos, no videos, no NUTHIN! But after I restricted who could see it after getting freaked out about some weird comments, a lot of our friends and family werne't able to view the blog anymore. Which kind of sucked. And of course, made me not feel that compelled to update it because I knew many of you weren't seeing it anyway. But ya'all are looking at the facebook photos or the pix on instagram or twitter, right? Cuz basically these girls are all over the innerwebs. Just not on THIS blog, lately.

But since it's approaching the holiday season and since I've gotten a little less freaked out (for the moment) about who is reading the blog and why, I've opened up permissions again so everyone should be able to view it.

Now... as for catching up. Of course TONS has happened since I've last posted. And I couldn't possibly cover everything. But, I guess here is a highlights reel of sorts. Enjoy!

We went down the shore again, with Dee Ree and Pop Pop. Then we went down the shore again with GGMom this time. The Oxenfords rode a surrey. Sophie rode a horse named Flash at a 4H Fair. Daddy was on call a lot. Sophie uses the big potty now! Emmy teethed a lot. Sophie started her first year of real pre-school (last year was technically a "toddler time" program). Sophie and Emmy both got sick. Sophie started ballet. Dad and Kathy came up for a visit. Grandma Kathy got very sick. Grandpa got sick too and they left early. Mommy started back to work in the office three days. And here we are... Do you feel caught up with the Oxenfords now? I'll try to be more regular about posting. I really will! Promise!

(GGMom would KILL me if she knew this photo was up on the internet. Thank goodness she doesn't have a computer to see it!)