Monday, June 13, 2011

Oxenford Girls Health Update

I'm not sure where to begin this post... Do I start with the post-birthday recap or the double ear infection that landed us in the ER or the broken elbow and purple cast that landed us back in the ER? Or. do I just start with the pink eye??? Hmmm... decisions decisions.

Well, let's start with the cast.... This past Saturday night Jim and I were thrilled to be getting a date night when DeeRee offered to come over and watch the girls for us. We had a lovely dinner and were on our way home (well, actually I was on the front porch about to walk in the door) when we got the phone call. It was a slightly panicked call that Sophie had fallen and was holding her arm and seemed to be in a lot of pain. We finally got her to sleep but she had a horrible night waking up a lot until I could get some more advil in her. When she did wake up the next morning, she went downhill fast and by 8:30am we were headed to the ER. So apparently she had fallen trying to get out of bed to go to the potty. And when she fell, she landed on her elbow. Hard. Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, where my awesome step-sister Maria works, and is right down the street from us, was so amazing!! They took her back right away and everyone was so good and so sweet. They helped her calm down immensely and once the Xrays were over, Sophie was almost back to her old self. Then we went down to CHOP on Monday and the docs there decided it would be best if shegot a cast. So, a purple cast was put on our sweet girl and she handled it all so well. Well, except for the part where we had to take her band aid off before they put the cast on. That, THAT, was apparently the last straw for her. We are hopeful that she'll get the cast off early and thankful that she wasn't in much pain or discomfort once the splint and the cast were on and protecting that sweet little elbow.

Now, back track a few days to Wednesday night and Emmy and I in that very same hospital. Poor Em was fighting a bad cold with lots of really icky looking snot (sorry) coming out of her nose and I remember thinking, this is going to turn into an ear infection. But she was acting mostly fine all day and perked up with a little advil and distraction of playing with her sister. However, when we went to lay her down for the night she was in agony and was screaming her head off. Just like last time. SO, a phone call to my amazing step-sister later and the wheels were in motion to get us into Mercy Fitzgerald so a doc could just take a quick look at her and maybe get her a script for an antibiotic. It was truly amazing how quickly we were in and out of that hospital. All I can say is my step sister Maria is truly loved because we got the royal treatment there not once but twice last week! So, thank you Maria!!

And let's see... today Sophie woke up with full blown pink eye and her entire right eye shut. We had gotten drops last night she was already one half day into some medicine for it and with any luck it won't get too bad on us.

Other than that, things are completely normal. Emily is talking and communicating more and more. She now says Stinky ("gin-ky") and is starting to be heard saying lots of other words, too. She walks up to you and points and screams for things like Cheetos and water. Thanks again, Daddy for introducing our girls to that beloved snack food, Cheetos.

We hope you all are doing well. We are wishing we could go to cousin Ben's wedding in California soon and see the rest of the MacDougall and Schrank clan but air travel with the girls is just not in our cards this summer. Congratulations Ben and Pam!!