Monday, March 26, 2012

Daddy's Letter to Sophie on her 4th Birthday

Dear Sophie,

March 26, 2008

I will never forget that day.

You came into the world just after 1AM. Born to a brand new mommy and daddy who thought they had an idea about what they were getting into. After the midwives checked you out and mommy was resting as comfortably as possible, I climbed into the bed next to you and mommy and we all slept.

A new family.

I'll never forget it. You nestled between us all bundled up. You barely made a sound. It was one of the most magical moments of many more to come.

You are now 4 years old. You are strong, sweet, kind and thoughtful. You mention your friends and family by name and spontaneously tells us how much you love each one of them. You are kind to Emily in ways that still surprise Mommy and I. You will offer her your most prized new toys to have a turn or try to distract her when she is having a tough moment. Emily loves you beyond measure. When she hears you wake up in the morning she rushes to your bedroom and exclaims "MORNING SOBIE!!!" with all the joy and happiness her little body can bear. You are her best friend and role model. She's a very lucky little sister.

I'm so proud of the little girl you have grown into. I see so much of your mother in you and I consider myself very lucky and I'm very grateful to have both of you in my life.

I'm beyond proud to be your Daddy. Your genuine kindness and considered thoughtfulness will always guide you down the right path. Your humor and your imagination will ensure the world, your world, will always be you and others. Your strength and conviction will protect you and those you love. Your intelligence and curiosity will help make the world a bit smaller and propel your dreams and ambitions. Make the most of each day Peanut. You can be or do anything your heart desires.

Dream of all the things that make you happy sweetheart. I love you.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sophie can write!!!

So we were making out some Valentines over the wekend and all the sudden Sophie says, "I'm going to make a Valentine for Jodi". Lo and behold she starts trying to write out the word "J-O-D-I". I showed her how the letters were made and the next thing you know she wrote the whole name. Did it again for Julie. I was stunned. I admit it.... I cried. I can't believe our little Peanut can write words. And today she wrote a Valentine to Emily and spelled the whole name out. I am just amazed at her on a multiple times daily basis.

This is, you guessed it, a picture of Daddy. (Note the stubble!) Luv this so much...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We so enjoyed getting to see some of our family and friends this holiday. Unfortunately, as many of you know from facebook, our much anticipated trip to Arizona to go see Grammy and Great Aunt Joyce and Uncle Jeff and hang out with Grandma and Grandpa who were driving up from South Carolina was apparently not meant to be. For the gory details of our 6 hour delay in the Philadelphia airport on the day after Christmas with two small children to only have our flight cancelled, please read the thread on facebook. After we recovered from both the disappointment and the exhaustion of the days, we ended up having a pretty nice week just hanging out at the house and visiting with some friends we don't get to see very often. Then, we rang in the New Year with a very exciting day yesterday starting out with a balloon drop for the kids and countdown to Noon and ending with a night on the Delaware River watching the family fireworks show at 6pm. Unfortunately, today Daddy has a wicked ear infection so that's not a great way for him to kick off the New Year. But, we hope you all have a wonderful 2012 filled with much happiness, good health and maybe just a little dash of prosperity for us all!