Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh come on...

When these two get together it is too cute for words...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Elmo's party

(How Emily spent her first trip to Sesame Place)

On Sunday we finally took Sophie to Sesame Place (or "Elmo's party" as Sophie called it). I wanted to go last summer when Elmo was ALL THAT SOPHIE WATCHED (side note, looking back we realize that Elmo was really the gateway drug to all other television shows) but we never made it there and so this year I was determined we'd get there. We even bought a season pass in early spring when they were discounted like 30% so we thought we had this place in the bag. Little did we know, the season pass *only* covered Sophie's admission so we still had to purchase two adult day passes! Overall It was a beastly hot Philadelphia day and quite an expensive day but the sweet, shy, ecstatic look on Sophie's face upon meeting Abby and Elmo was worth it all a million times over. She is still talking about all the fun we had and how she got to meet Elmo and see the parade and ride the rides. And I'm sure we'll go again soon, if not again this year then definitely next. Heck, by then I bet Emmy will be watching Elmo!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Visiting MacDougalls

We are so happy to have been able to have a visit this week with Grandma Kathy, Grandpa Dave and Grammy. They have been in town since Monday night and we've had a wonderful time just hanging out and enjoying time together. Today they leave to go back to Charleston and in a few hours we'll be having our traditional goodbye breakfast at IHOP. I don't want them to leave. We've had such a nice visit and we have all really enjoyed having them around. Sophie has been a little obsessed with Grandpa. She follows him around and obsessively asks where he is when he leaves the room. Grandpa has had to be the one to brush her hair at night and to read to her before bed and even help give her a bath. Last night she asked to have him get in the bath with her. I think she's pretty smitten with her Grandpa for sure. Emily on the other hand has been enjoying the never-ending love and attention of the two doting grandmas who practically fight over who gets to hold her and bath her and feed her and even change her poopy diaper. I am so grateful that they were willing to make the long drive up north to come and be with us (and Grammy even flew in from Arizona!) and feel so blessed that we have had this week together so that they could spend some quality time with us and the girls. Now, I just wonder what are we ever going to do when they are gone?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We miss you, Poppy

Today marks the one year anniversary of the passing away of my amazing father in law, William Oxenford.

Dad was larger than life and so full of love for everyone in his family that sometimes it seemed that all that love was just bursting out of his skin. His kindness and gentleness and love for his family meant the world to so many of us in his life. I so wish I had been able to spend more time with this amazing man while he was still on this earth. And it rips my heart open to know that my sweet daughters will not get to know their Poppy but through our memories passed on to them. In the short time Dad had with Sophie he was truly one of her biggest fans. Everything Sophie did was a source of so much pride and so much happiness to Dad. Her every move just tickled him to no end. I know Dad would be equally in love with baby Emily. Together the two girls would probably be almost too much joy and fun for him to bear.

And yet Emily looks so much like Poppy it makes me know that he is with us forever and always and he lives on not just in our hearts and our memories but through our family line and our flesh and blood. Sometime when I see a funny expression on Emily's face or even when I'm nursing her, it's the weirdest thing but I see Poppy there and I know he is with us.

We all miss you so much, Dad... Our lives will never be as rich or as joyful without you telling us how much you love us or being in the kitchen making some delicious feast or teasing us or giving your big hugs. Our hearts ache to feel one more bear hug, to hear one more belly laugh, to see your eyes beaming. But we know you are always with us. One look at your newest granddaughter Emily and there is no doubt your legacy lives on and for this I am so very grateful. We love you, Poppy!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sister love

Sophie actually giggled out loud when she was holding her sister in that second photo shoot... Too cute for words!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Many Faces of Emily Anne

Emily Anne is a very funny little baby. She makes some really priceless faces and has great expressions. She also makes hysterical grunting sounds and burps and farts like an old man!!! Overall she is a pretty happy and even-tempered little baby (hoorah!) and I count our blessings for that daily. She does have a "happy-hour" though that usually starts in the late afternoon or right as I'm trying to get dinner together and sometimes lasts through till bedtime. During this time she can cry and scream and seem very very upset. We thought maybe she had gas or colic (because of all her spit-up) but now we're thinking she might just be hungry and not getting enough to eat at that particular time of day. So we have started to give her a little formula during that late pm feed and it seems to be helping. So here the poor kid might have been hungry and not just fussy! According to the baby books, she is likely going through a growth spurt right now (at 6 weeks) too so that probably is contributing to her being more hungry. But hopefully we have found a workable solution to keep our little belching, farting, grunting girl content. Emily has also started smiling beyond just sleep smiles. It's the most beautiful thing to see! Happy 6 Week Birthday to You, Sweet Emily!! We love you!!! xoxoxo

In other news, poor Sophie is having a tough couple of days. We think she might be teething (getting another molar perhaps) as she is waking up screaming and crying and keeps asking for her teethers (which she hasn't used in months). She is *extremely* fragile and volatile and loses it often and at the drop of a hat. This is the exact behavior she always had when teething so it's our only guess at this point (since she has no fever and no other symptoms). Let's hope our little Princess Peanut Butter is out of pain soon.