Monday, July 18, 2011

Just some pix

Just a few pix from the past week or two...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ocean City NJ Vacation

We are back from a pretty amazing two weeks down the shore! We had a fantastic time frolicking by the surf, jumping waves, building sandcastastles and tidal pools, exploring sea life, and eating yummy shore food! It was pretty awesome. And even better we got got to spend half of it with our friends from Ohio, the GodSnedikers!! Sophia is completely smitten with her godbrother, Adam. In fact, I had to stop counting the number of times she said "Where's Adam?" because it just was a regularly uttered phrase for the last week. Plus, she voluntarily would say "Mom, I REALLY love Adam" or (even better), "Adam, I LOVE you.." It was just so heartfelt and so darn cute. And, speaking of cute... Emily learned to give full body hugs (you know, the kind where she wraps her arms around the other person's body and stands there hugging). It was just the most adorable thing you ever saw. We were also lucky enough to have two visits from the Pottstown crew - Aunt Pat and "Tan" came down one day and then Caely and Paul came down another day. Yay for visits from adoring Aunts and cousins. And we even got to hang out with some other Oxenford cousins, Zachary and Nathan and their folks Cristina and Todd, who just happened to be down the same week we were. We got to play in their pool and enjoy several dinners - yay for hanging out with fun cousins!!

Here's a few select photos of our two weeks. We are so lucky we got to spend that much time in such a fun and happy place. And, we're especially lucky that our beloved Sneds made the trip out from Ohio to join us!