Sunday, February 10, 2008

Surprise Baby Shower

What a surprise on Friday night when Jim and I walked into our friends' house for what we thought was going to be a belated holiday work outing only to find that it was really a surprise baby shower for us!! It was so sweet and thoughtful and while there were a couple of tip-offs that it might not actually be the holiday outing, I really wasn't sure until we walked in the door and everyone yelled surprise.

Chris and Jim hosted it in their gorgeous house in the city and had a delicious spread of food and wine which folks had helped make and bring. Heather made these most beautiful shower decorations including a diaper tier cake and these beautiful flower centerpieces - all with pacifier accents of course! She also made sweet little flower favors with seeds inside each bag. It was really just so kind of everyone to come and to shower Sophie with some really beautiful and useful gifts and just all the thought that went into the planning was totally overwhelming. Thank you Heather and Chris and Jim and everyone for such a beautiful and thoughtful shower!!! We are so blessed to have friends and colleagues as kind and thoughtful as you!

Today we decided once and for all to rip up the old carpet in Sophie's room. Jim got that all ripped up and now we have decided that we will lay a new laminate floor on top of the older wooden floor. It just doesn't seem to be worth salvaging at this point. Jim also finished painting the dresser so as soon as we get and install the new floor, I can start washing Sophie's clothes with the Dreft I bought and start getting them ready for her imminent arrival (only 48 more days)!!

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Chaz Lorenzo said...

How thoughtful and beautiful!
Sophie is one well loved precious
little sweetie!!